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12 Months of Crafting


At some point in the late summer, I start to think about how much I want to start craft projects for Christmas both to adorn the house and for gift giving.  Some time in October, I chide myself for not starting yet.  In November, I face the fact that I will not get it done.

This year I decided to start on a simple scale that I hope to expand as the years unfold.  This year I am doing 12 months of Christmas ornaments.

Years ago a friend was newly married and had moved into her first house at Christmas.  Her tree was filled with glass ball ornaments with no distinct personalities, it was nothing but generic balls.  I contrasted that to the first tree I put up some years earlier.  It was filled with ornaments from my youth that my mom passed on to me as well as ones my grandmother, Gogie, made over the years. Each one had a story, a memory.

That year my kids were little… 5, 3 and a newborn.  After Christmas, I went out to target, got a large plastic box and a few ornaments on sale that spoke to something that each of them loved…Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse,etc. and put them away.  I have done the same each year since.  It is a wacky collection of cartoons, places we have visited, movies they loved, private family jokes.  They have several dozen put away now and each child will leave the nest and decorate with personality!

So this year, I decided to capture my own version of my favorite ornaments…the handmade ones of my grandmother.  So, 12 months of ornaments!!!  Each month I will pick one type of ornament and make one for our family tree, one for each child’s ornament box and a few extra to give.  I’ll post pictures and how-tos as I tackle them.  The first?  Decoupage balls with family photos.  Onward!!!

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